About Us

About Us

Intellectual Applications & Products (IAP) is a reputable technology-driven consulting company staffed with highly skilled and experienced professionals in the field of Information Technology and Digital Marketing. We champion innovative technology, providing turnkey technology and media solutions to both the private and non-private sectors in Afghanistan. At IAP, the focus is on solving real-life problems using two key technologies that can bring a revolution in the tech-industry: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Our partnerships involve some of the world’s well-known names in the technology industry including Microsoft, Cisco, Palo Alto, Dell, Polycom and Zoho. Our customer-centric approach has enabled us to grow rapidly and become a trusted partner to large enterprises as well as the government such as; the Ministry of Economy, Roshan Telecom, the First Microfinance Bank, Geneva Call, Colombo Plan, Tetra Tech and AECOM. Some of our past performance include:

  • IAP implemented a world-class Visa Application and Processing System for the Afghan Embassy in Washington D.C. The system automates everything from application submission to evaluation, and finally visa issuance. It is fully automated and has already eliminated multiple SOPs that required manual data entries at the embassy. The system is currently live and being used by the Afghan Embassy in the U.S. – Afghanistan / USA
  • IAP developed a software application to digitize the provincial profiles from 34 provinces for the Ministry of Economy. The online database properly structures the provided information, analyzes the data and provides accurate reports to the management at the government. These reports help the Ministry and the GoIRA to make efficient and effective decisions. The project was fully funded by Tetra Tech and was completed in the month of August 2020.
  • IAP provides data center and data hosting solutions to over 400 clients in Afghanistan. Including to the National Public Protection Force (NPPF), Da Afghanistan Bank, Ministry of Agriculture, and many more. We help these clients with Server configuration, Cybersecurity, Email setup, IT Audits, Website development and more.
  • IAP developed a mobile application for the Geneva Call in Afghanistan. And we have been helping them with their outreach campaign materials production and distribution in Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Pakistan since 2019.

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