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We have assisted over a dozen businesses with business formation, and consultation in the course of three years under our consulting services division. At IAP, we leverage our expertise in business, technology, and media to assist small businesses in thriving and succeeding.

Business Formation

We have expert compliance officers who can help formally register your business with the Afghanistan Central Business Registry (ACBR) in less than three days. While the time and process for legal registration with ACBR vary by business, certain licenses do require approval from the appropriate ministries and authorities. For example, if you wish to establish an Internet Service Provider, you must first obtain approval from the Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA), and only then will the ACBR issue you a license. IAP will assist you throughout the procedure.

If you are an expat who is unable to travel to Afghanistan to register your business, we will request a power of attorney from you and will legally represent your firm. To know more about the process and the government fees, please read this blog:

Business Consultation

We provide consultation to small businesses through our partnerships with firms across multiple sectors, ensuring they make the best use of their capital and time. We have housed over fifteen entrepreneurs and startups as a co-working space. We provide consulting services to these and numerous other businesses in the following spheres:

Accounting & Taxation

We have access to ACCA-certified members and experts with years of experience in the financial industry through our partnership with TaxThor Financial Services. As a result of this partnership, we ensure that you stay on top of your business’s financials.

Business Development

Our in-house business development team can assist you with all aspects of business development, including opportunity identification, content curation, and proposal writing.


Choosing the right technology to meet your needs – whether for task management, project reporting, business intelligence, or anything else – is not an easy task. With over a decade of experience in technology, we’ll assist you in making the best decisions possible.


We provide all necessary facilities, including fully-furnished facility, fast internet, refreshments, electricity, and more. We manage all on-premise maneuvers to ensure you are not distracted by operational tasks.


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