A Tool That Changes How Governments Monitor Elections

A Tool That Changes How Governments Monitor Elections

Electoral fraud has always been an acute problem that has questioned the legitimacy of the election and the candidates. Corruption and fraud happening in elections not only is a matter of concern for the nation but is also concerning the candidates losing the election due to fraud and corruption. Candidates get to know the result but are not in the loop of the election process which may be equivalent to an inaccurate result.

On election day for candidates to have a transparent and accurate report on the election process, to easily count his/her and other candidates votes per voting station/province or district on
geographical map or a list view, to check what is the current status in terms of the vote count, To view all the locations of the voting stations and the status based on every voting station, to view all the number of stations and their status if they are open, close, voting started, and if voting has ended and other relevant data report, to stay updated about the complaints in document, video or picture form reported by their representatives in the voting stations, and to view reports of candidates and votes by the voting stations overall in real time, election monitoring tool application serves the purpose and address concerns regarding electoral fraud.

The Election Monitoring Tool is a mobile application that is designed & developed by Intellectual Applications & Products (IAP). It’s a combination of a mobile app and a web portal that gives access to its owner for getting the most out of the Election Day. This is a simple-to-use and friendly mobile app for a candidate to have full advantage of his
presidential election day. The owner can have many features accessing the Dashboard of the app to check the status described above.

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