Half Way Through 2021, Learn More About Our Work

Half Way Through 2021, Learn More About Our Work

The year 2020 has been a year full of challenges for SMEs in Afghanistan. Most businesses changed their strategies from growth to survival. At IAP, we focused solely on maintaining quality and delivering better than our competition. This helped us survive, grow, and build a strong clientele than ever before.

We made significant growth during the first quarter of 2021. This blogpost puts light on some of our work in Afghanistan during the last four months.

Technology Services:

IFRC: Through a competitive bidding process, IAP has recently been awarded by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Afghanistan to develop an online information management system (with GIS and data dashboard capabilities) for ARCS HQ Emergency operational Centre and 7 regional and 34 provincial branches. The system will have a mobile application for the remote staff and will work both offline and online.

DT Global: IAP helped DT Global, Afghanistan office with the renewal of their cybersecurity licenses including Sophos XG 210 Firewall License Renewal for three years for the project Afghan Urban Water and Sanitation (AUWS) of DT Global.  

WEB.AF: A subsidiary of IAP, at, we have been serving over 400 active clients in Afghanistan and beyond. These clients include government entities such as the Central Bank, the Interior Ministry, and others. During the first quarter of 2021, IAP contracted 28 new clients, some getting multiple domains and hosting packages.

QATAMA: IAP is developing an advanced and complex Accounting and Billing software for a telecom company, Qatama Communications based in United Arab Emirates. Qatama Communications manages over 60 million minutes weekly; the billing and accounting for all of this will be managed through this new system.

In addition, IAP was awarded by various companies in Afghanistan to develop their corporate websites – the details of which can be shared for reference check when requested officially through an email.

Media Services:

Musawer: Our creative team, helped illustrate and design ten children’s books for the Musawer Foundation. Established in 2007, the Foundation seeks to benefit Afghan children by printing and distributing stories, poetry, and educational books. These books have beautiful children’s stories and are available for purchase on KabulReads and in the local market.

Geneva Call: In April of 2021, IAP provided event management services to the the Geneva Call for the official launch of the trivia mobile application “Conflict has rules too.” The mobile application was initially developed by IAP’s technology division in year 2020. Some of the activities undertaken for this contract are as following:

  • Event Planning & Management
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Press Outlets Invitation & Coverage Moderation
  • Media Product for the Event (Photography, Videography, etc.)

Digital Marketing: IAP has been providing Digital Marketing & Social Media services for different international and local organizations such as, Mazadar, C-Istanbul, Blue Presto, Geneva Call and Vice Group Plastic Industry. Through long-term contracts, IAP help these clients with their outreach campaigns and overall product exposure.