Do You Want to Register a New Business? Learn How

Do You Want to Register a New Business? Learn How

It is easier than ever to register a business in Afghanistan. However, it still requires a physical presence and cannot be done through an online portal.

In order to register a new business, you must visit the Afghanistan Central Business Registry (A-CBR) office located near Chaman Hozori.

All businesses registered in Afghanistan are LLC. You can choose to be the sole owner or have other partners with you. But before you visit them, make sure you fulfill the requirements and have all the documents with you.

If you are an expatiate and do not wish to visit Afghanistan to register your business. You can issue a power of attorney to anybody and they will represent you. The list of required documents are as following:

  • ID Copy (Passport or National ID)
  • 2 Passport-size Photos
  • Property Lease/Rental Agreement
  • Educational Degree (required for consultancy license)
  • Letter of Corporation (if more than 1 partners)
  • Bank Statement with AFN 500k balance per partner
  • Power of Attorney (if you can’t be present)

Yes. Some of the requirements do not make any sense. Such as why Property Rental Agreement when you are not sure whether you will get a license or not. Why an Educational Degree, when you can hire others with degrees to work for you. But these requirements exist and there is nothing one can do about it.

Just to clarify, if you are a sole owner then you must show a bank statement with at least AFN 500,000. If you are two partners then AFN 1m, if three partners then $1.5m and so on.

If you fulfill all the requirements, you must visit the A-CBR office (location shared above). It will take you a maximum of 2 days to obtain your business license. For the first time issuance, your license will be valid for 1 year. Later, you can renew for an additional 3 years.

The fee to register your business is only AFN 2,000 (less than USD 30). But to renew your license, you must pay AFN 12,000 per year which would be AFN 36,000 for three years.

That’s it. Feel free to let us know if any of this does not make sense to you.