The Rumie Initiative in Afghanistan (2018, 2021)

The Rumie Initiative in Afghanistan (2018, 2021)

In Afghanistan, the education sector is teacher-method based relying on face-to-face lectures from teachers, books, and chalkboards. However, with the increased usage of the internet and the youth being exposed to the digital world, the desire for e-learning has increased in the country. Therefore, with Rumie Initiative tablets Afghan students in remote areas can now access to educational resources digitally to enhance their learning.

The Rumie Initiative is based in Toronto, Canada. This non-profit organization approaches communities with limited Internet access to promote digital learning resources through its low-cost technology.

More than 75 tablets were distributed through the Rumie Initiative, with the collaboration of IAP in Afghanistan. The tablets have an installed Rumie App which is a digital library preloaded with high-quality educational textbooks, videos, and games that can be used offline. IAP procured, configured and distributed the tablets to different educational institutions and organizations such as Charmaghz, Nokhbagan University, LEARN and Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) operating in the capital and southern region of Afghanistan.

Through the Rumie Initiative, these traditional based learning methods are transformed to technology-based learning to enhance youth’s learning experience in the remote communities.

—- UPDATE — 2021

In 2021, IAP was contracted by Rumie’s office in Canada to ship an additional 300 tablets to Kandahar from the U.S. The service included shipment from the U.S. to Kabul, obtaining an exemption from the import taxes, and providing a last-mile delivery to Kandahar, Afghanistan.